Audio-visual experiences at MUŻA

31 May Audio-visual experiences at MUŻA

Visitors at MUŻA will have an opportunity to experience various audio-visual (AV) experiences which will aid them to understand and perhaps even discover the muse of the artist as they worked on their particular art piece. This is part and parcel of the museum’s main mission – that of making art accessible and understandable to everyone.

Over the past year we have been collaborating with various professional artists  to create over 21 audio-visual experiences. A highlight will be the re-creation of he monument “the unknown soldier” by Maltese sculptor Antonio Sciortino. This will be the first time ever that one may appreciate the scale and ambition of this project, which has so far only existed on paper and as a plaster model. Other AVs will range from an exploration of the artist at work to interactive experiences which would allow visitors to be critical, ask questions and perhaps even elicit their muse and creativity to create something over their own.

The project is partially funded by the EU, as part of the European Regional Development Fund and the European Structural and Investment Fund 2014-2020.

Click here for a video feature on MUŻA’s AVs.

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