06 Jun Behind The Scenes: Colour Palette

Much research has gone into the choice of colour palette for MUZA. The chosen colour range complements the colour of local stone and its complementary Mediterranean environment. The colour palette includes light brown wood materials, cream coloured panels and light cream interpretation panels to complement...

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05 Aug MUŻA Project – Site conservation works in full swing …

We are delighted to share these pictures of the extensive conservation works currently ongoing at the site of the new museum. The building is being restored following intensive research which is still ongoing.  Previously blocked doors and apertures are being unblocked. Structural works are also in full swing as historic roofs are examined to determin their structural stability and other areas of the building consolidated. Indeed, the building has its scars and some are also historic. This shot was captured from the main roof of the building, which happens to be one of the highest points in Valletta, and shows conservation works currently underway on the roof structure of the building. Beams are currently being inspected and new waterproofing soon to be installed. This shot features a recently unblocked arch leading to the main staircase of the building with the roof of this area of the building removed. The cupola of the historic church of St James, built during the early 18th century, can be clearly seen in the background.   
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10 Aug MUŻACafé … new concept for museum catering facilities just launched

Next milestone in the bag! We've just launched a request for proposals addressed to individuals, groups and consortia interested in developing innovative, out-of-the-box catering facilities. These facilities shall be jointly developed with Heritage Malta’s expertise and operate on site as from 2018, jointly with and complimentary to...

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