MUŻA shall be a self-sustainable, energy efficient institution with potential zero-carbon footprint and significant energy cost savings through carefully developed sustainable measures. These measures, most of which concern the design, layout and narrative of display, shall include the following measures:

i. Passive conservation measures purposely developed from a clear understanding of the building including in-built air ducts and traditional waterproofing methods;

ii. Priority use of natural resources including natural lighting to illuminate the building;

iii. High energy-efficient power consumables including light fixtures and air-conditioning systems;

iv. Generation of energy through natural resources including the installation of solar photovoltaic panels MUŻA shall, within the remit of the proposed carbon-neutral museum strategy, adopt micro-climatic conditions and conservation parameters appropriate for the display of works of art according to established international standards and criteria. Active climatic control, including air-conditioning, shall only be considered for specific problematic seasonal excursions, such as during hot and cold spells in summer and winter.

These energy efficient conservation values shall also concern materials used in the construction of the new museum so as to address sustainability throughout the project development phase.