NIM at Birzebbugia

22 May NIM at Birzebbugia

Naqsam il-MUŻA (NIM) is now in Birzebbugia, in collaboration with the employees and management of Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd. The participants come from different departments within the Malta Freeport, including Human Resources, Operations, Ship Planning and Container Control, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Maintenance, Health and Safety and Investigations and Surveillance.

Each NIM  participant was given the opportunity to select their preferred artwork, present it to their friends, colleagues and family and subsequently present a reproduction of their chosen artwork  at their workplace and other locations in Birzebuugia of their choosing.

Five of the ten NIM banners will be installed at the Malta Freeport premises whilst the other four will be shared with the community of Birzebbugia at the Local Council, the Parish Hall, the Boys’ catechism centre (M.U.S.E.U.M), the Primary School and a final one at the seafront opposite Pretty Bay.

The project is a MUŻA outreach concept and an initiative run by Heritage Malta in collaboration with the Valletta 2018 Foundation.

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