Naqsam il-MUŻA

Naqsam il-MUŻA is an innovative exercise in community curation that brings art and resident communities together. The project involves individuals selecting pieces of art from the national collection and share their thoughts with the rest of their community.


Since launching in 2016, the project has engaged a number of communities in Malta with the national collection which will soon be housed in MUŻA. Through interactions with paintings and other artefacts, diverse groups and individuals have responded to the environment and realities of the Maltese islands in a social setting which allows communities to exchange ideas and experiences. Insights and debates which result from this experience range from the personal to the political and are often surprising and unexpected reactions to established and canonical cultural material.


The project is a MUŻA outreach concept and an initiative run by Heritage Malta in collaboration with the Valletta 2018 Foundation.
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Where have we been?

University of Malta

Naqsam il-MUŻA, our leading outreach project that shares the community’s choice of artefacts from the national collection in localities around Malta and Gozo, has made its way to the University of Malta. For the first time ever Naqsam il-MUŻA has collaborated with a working community where the common factor that unites the people is their job and their studies on campus. This has given the opportunity to eight community members on campus to select artworks, present them to their colleagues, friends and family, and showcase a reproduction of their chosen artwork in their community place of their choice.


This particular edition of Naqsam il-MUŻA presents the choice of eight participants, namely a student, a recent graduate, the Pro Rector for Student and Staff Affairs and Outreach, an academic librarian, a senior IT specialist, a senior beadle, a precincts officer and a barista. The selection of artworks, including comments by each community member, is installed in different locations on campus as marked on the map above.






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