Paintings from the MUŻA collection in Matera

16 Jan Paintings from the MUŻA collection in Matera

Paintings from the MUŻA collection have been on tour ever since the National Museum of Fine Arts on South street was permanently closed in October 2016. Over the past months, some of the crown jewels of the collection have been on display or featured in major exhibitions, particularly Valentin de Boulogne masterpiece, Judith and Holophernes, featured in a major exhibition dedicated solely to the artist at the Louvre (Paris) and previously at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York). Palazzo Lanfranchi in Matera has recently presented a major exhibition with key works from MUŻA’s very own national collection. Mediterraneo in chiaroscuro – Ribera, Stomer e Mattia Preti da Valletta 2018 a Matera 2019 was on between July and December 2017. Nine paintings, previously on display at Gallerie Nazionali Palazzo Barberini e Corsini in Rome were presented with a careful selection of works from the Camillo d’Errico collection currently on display at Palazzo Lanfranchi. Matera shall be European Capital of Culture in 2019. we’re delighted to present this video about the project.



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