12 Mar Valletta, the focus of an exhibition at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

Maps and cartographic views from the MUŻA collection shall be a major attraction in the Sala dei Gigli at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The exhibition is an international joint initiative between Heritage Malta and Comune di Firenze under the distinguished patronage of the Office of the Prime Minister.

The exhibition presents the story of Valletta, European Capital of Culture 2018, through a selection of maps and visuals displayed in three chapters. The first presets the narrative of the Great Siege of 1565 as described in visual form by Antonio Francesco Lucini. In this section, pride of place is taken by two from the set of four-state Camocio siege maps series recently inscribed on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.. The second chapter presents cartographic views of the City of Valletta including representations of the strategically located peninsula on which the new city was built. The third chapter presents Valletta as a Mediterranean City with a European identity. Its  proximity to Sicily and connections with other Mediterranean ports and islands are also presented and underpinned.

A detailed manuscript map of Valletta and the harbour area shall serve the purpose of an epilogue to the major construction works that define Valletta, including the main forts and fortification lines completed by the end of the eighteenth century.




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